Surgery Update

Surgery Update
Firstly we would like to thank all of our patients that have kindly volunteered their time to support the role out of the vaccine in Letchworth, without them the delivery of the vaccine would not run as smoothly and efficiently as it is currently.
Based on the figures from Friday 15th January 2021 we have vaccinated 58.5% of our over 80’s population. The system updates take 48 hours and this figure will be a lot greater when Saturday’s updates populate our system.
We have now started to invite our 75 – 79 age group and we are also inviting Health and Social Care Workers to be vaccinated. If you are aged over 80, or you know a family member, friend or neighbour that has not yet been vaccinated please contact the surgery with details and we will inform our vaccination bookings team.
Our admin and clinical staffing levels are currently being stretched due to a number of factors, we have normal absences and Covid related isolations.  We encourage staff to be tested and isolate until a result is received, if Covid was to hit either Ashwell or Bassingbourn Surgery we could lose up to 50% of our capacity so we are extremely diligent in staff testing for Covid in order to reduce the potential for spreading the virus.
We have dedicated a number of our admin team to inviting patients to our vaccine centre, our admin team are also working in the vaccine centre and volunteering to work evenings and weekends to support the roll out.  This does meant that normal admin duties will be affected e.g. answering calls, dealing with communications sent via e-consult and the contact us page on the website along with other routine correspondence that we receive. I will shortly post a message on Facebook and our website news page that has been provided to us in order to provide further guidance and support for you, this post has useful information and links to other support services.