Surgery Update

On 05/02/2021 we received approx. 1200 doses of the vaccine and a further delivery of another 1000 doses is expected on Tuesday this week, therefore we will be running the vaccination service from Tuesday to Friday (09th – 12th Feb) this week. These will be proportioned equally based on patient population between the PCN. Thank you to everyone for your on-going patience and support offered to the surgery, it is gratefully received.

Based on figures from 07/01/2021 we have currently vaccinated 91% of our over 80’s cohort of patients, 94% of our 75-79 year old patients and 66% of our 70-74 and/or clinically extremely vulnerable patients. If you are aware of a person who falls in to the above categories please ask them to contact us or let us know so we can contact the patient directly.

We have now contacted or attempted to contact every patient in our top 4 cohorts, we will start to work back through these cohorts in order to offer everyone the vaccine. Once again, if you are or are aware of someone in the cohorts listed please inform us by email or by calling the surgery and selecting option 4 and we will ensure you receive your vaccine.

This week we will be starting to invite our cohort 5 patients, this cohort is age group 65 – 69, we ask if you are part of this cohort to give us time to contact you before making contact with the surgery. When we have reviewed the list I will post on Facebook and our website for you to contact us before we move on to the next cohort.

Our colleagues offering home visits started on 29/01/2021, they are delivering this vaccine whilst continuing to support us with our normal and out of hour’s service so if they have not yet contacted someone you know they shortly will. They have vaccinated 86% of our housebound patients and will continue to vaccinate this week.

Once again, thank you to everyone for your kind words and support.