Practice Update

Hertfordshire Community Trust (HCT) will be once again assisting us deliver the second dose vaccine to our housebound patients. They will contact patients and/or family members as they did with first dose in order to confirm a date of the vaccine and intend to be finished with all second doses for our Primary Care Network (PCN) by 14th May 2021.

If you have had your first dose with our PCN, then you will have your second dose with us. Our PCN admin team will contact you shortly. If for some reason the PCN admin team cannot contact you we are provided with a list weekly and the surgery will then attempt to contact you too. If you booked at one of the national sites then you should have booked a date for your second vaccine already. Please call 119 if you have not booked or have a query regarding the national sites.

Ashwell and Bassingbourn Surgeries will shortly be sending letter out to patients with compromised immune systems in cohorts 1-9. This letter contains instructions on how to book family members that are living in the same household as you in for their vaccine at our PCN site.