COVID Vaccine

General information

Many of you are calling to enquire about the COVID-19 vaccine. Our surgery is part of the Icknield PCN and is due to go live in phase 4, however exact delivery dates for the vaccine remain unknown at present.

Appointments are not currently bookable and further information will be shared once provisions have been put in place.

Our current understanding is that patients will not have a choice of COVID-19 vaccine.

There are no plans currently for the vaccine to be administered from the Sollershott Surgery due to the logistics of delivering the Pfizer vaccine.

There are no plans to store the COVID-19 vaccine at GP practices.

Our phone lines are extremely busy at present and we ask that you do not call the surgery regarding the vaccine. We will invite cohorts of patients as per NHS England recommendations. Please be aware that it will take a significant amount of time to vaccinate everyone – months rather than days.

Sollershott Surgery

In view of NHS England advice, last minute information about delivery dates and limited funding available to deliver the mass covid-19 vaccination programme, the surgery staff will be delivering the COVID-19 vaccinations which unfortunately will reduce the number of available GP, nurse and HCA appointments at the surgery. We therefore ask you kindly to only contact the surgery if you really need GP help and you have tried all other self-help and local pharmacy advice options.

We ask that you attend appointments if offered to you or cancel them in advance so another patient can use them if you can’t make it. Please be understanding and kind to our reception staff. There will be a limit as to how many patient contacts remaining surgery staff can safely offer. In addition the Sollershott Surgery building needs to be vacated by 18:30 as at that point extended access take over so it would not be possible to extend telephone and face to face clinics into the evening.

All of our medical staff have volunteered to participate in the vaccination programme.

Housebound Patients

With regret our PCN had to hand over the delivery of Covid- 19 vaccines for housebound patients in view of logistical challenges and restrictions imposed by NHS England. Therefore surgery staff will have no information about the time scale of this cohort Covid-19 vaccine rollout.

Attending your appointments for COVID-19 vaccination

Please come prepared. Your arm needs to be easy to access to avoid slowing down delivery and please decide which arm you would like the vaccination in prior to your appointment.

However we do suggest that you attend with warm clothes available as you will be requested to stay in the observation area for 15 minutes which is a cold room.

Please avoid distracting vaccinating staff and remember we will have no access to your clinical records on site and staff will not be able to give you clinical advice about any other matters.