Advice for Patients Attending the Surgery for a Confirmed Appointment

In order to protect patients, staff and the public, we ask that you read the following instructions before attending the surgery for your appointment:

      Please attend your appointment alone. Exceptions are only made for children aged 16 and under and patients with specific care needs. Please do not bring any other relative with you to any appointment.


      You will not be permitted to enter the surgery earlier than your confirmed appointment time. Please be on time for your appointment but do not arrive early.

You will only spend a short period of time with the clinician you are booked to see (long enough for them to carry out the examination).  Only very brief discussions will take place while you are in the room, anything that takes longer will be undertaken by telephone after you leave the building.

    Please wear a mask or face covering when you attend your appointment.  Your appointment may be rearranged if you attend without one.
    Please use the toilet at home before you attend the surgery.  If you have been asked to bring a sample, please do this at home and bring to the surgery with you.
    Please remove your coat or jacket before entering the surgery and leave it outside with someone or place it in a clean plastic bag if you have to bring it in with you.

You may need to be examined so please wear loose comfortable clothing.  Consider wearing short sleeves, shorts or trousers that are wide enough to be pulled up to the top of the thigh or a skirt, clothes with elasticated waists, stretchy tops that can easily be pulled up and slip on shoes.

      Remember to follow social distancing guidelines when in the surgery and when checking in for an appointment outside the surgery.

Please refrain from touching anything unnecessarily in order to maintain a clean and safe environment for patients and staff.

    Hands should be washed frequently at home before coming to the surgery.  Please use the hand sanitiser on arrival and departure.